The brand takes its name from Queen Elyssa, first queen and founder of ancient Carthage. Elyssa (Dido) flees Tyr, Southern Phenicia to escape her brother, King Pygmalion, and murderer of her husband.

She is accompanied by a few faithful, taking the agricultural know-how of her country. The entourage first stops in Cyprus and then arrives in Carthage on the coast of present-day Tunisia.

Elyssa receives a warm welcome and decides to settle there. Thanks to Elyssa, the cultivation of olives expands throughout the country, as well as almond, figs, wheat and pomegranate.

We are proud to offer 100% Tunisian olive oil. Each bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil features Block Chain traceability. By scanning the QR code, you can follow the journey of the olive oil from orchard, mill, laboratory, storage, bottling to retailer.

Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the first cold press of freshly hand-picked olives. The olives are grown on trees that have not been genetically modified and are gluten-free. Terra Delyssa is produced under the strict rules of kosher products and certified as Kosher Passover and Pareve by Star K. We are a member of the North American Olive Oil Association.