Anyone looking for a digital scale that not only does what it was built for, but also blends in with the style of the bathroom, can buy the digital bathroom scale Style Sense Safe 300 from Soehnle in the Leifheit online shop. The model impresses with its high-quality workmanship and elegant design. The weighing surface of the Soehnle scales is made of stainless steel, the shape is function-oriented and the display is extra large.

Of course, the Style Sense Safe 300 digital bathroom scales from Soehnle are not only impressive because of their appearance. The range of functions of the digital scale for people is also impressive. Non-slip feet for more stability, step surface with anti-fingerprint coating for easy cleaning and an illuminated LCD display for improved readability. The body scales can do everything that is required of them. There is also an automatic switch-on and switch-off function, which ensures more energy savings. The device is suitable for weights of up to 180 kg – this can be measured in 100 gram increments.