During the second World War, Vito Gallo confided to one of his companions-in-arms that if he returned safely and soundly to his hometown Mazara del Vallo in Sicily, he would have founded a large pasta factory. It was because ha believed that the values of peace, friendship and brotherhood could be strengthened around the dining table. and so in was that in 1944 Vito laid the foundations for the birth of a factory that would produce one of the best italian pasta that at every bite would bring the memories of the blond fields of wheat, the warm sun and the breeze of the sicilian sea.

He children and the younger generations have continued on this tradition, and up to the present day the pasta is produced following a rigorous selection of the best siclian durum wheat. Through a meticulous control of the entire production chain, with modern machineries and careful and through supervision of the manufacturing processes, the pasta that has excellent cooking characteristics, a perfect absorption capacity of the condimetns, and which, thanks to its best ingredients, also guarantees very high digestibility. a genuine recipe of the Gallo family that for ganerations perpetuates the goal of making its pasta one the best pasta in italy!