Now led by Pasquale Petti, Antonio Petti’s son and fourth generation of the family Petti, the Company was founded in 1973 when the Petti Group took over the Arrigoni Group production plant in Venturina Terme (LI) in Tuscany.
The company began working in the plant the tomato coming from the surrounding countryside and to package it as industry product in drums, which were sent after to the largest settlement of the Antonio Petti fu Pasquale S.p.A. in Nocera Superiore (SA).

Gradually, the site of Venturina shade its skin, and developed a large production capacity that could provide directly with the finished product the Italian and the International customers, thus transforming a satellite company of the Group into a new company.

2006 is the turning point, when the Company grows in size, workforce and establishes a strong link and synergy with the agricultural part. In the same year Pasquale Petti takes the reins strengthening its commercial structure, creating a marketing structure and consolidating its position nationally and internationally as a quality Private Label manufacturer.

In 2013 the company decided to use its production capacity and the important Tuscan tomato dock to launch a high-quality line of canned tomatoes in brand: “Petti”.
The success of the brand project Petti only three years after its launch on the Italian market and its concrete prospects for development are a strong growth driver for the whole Italian Food S.p.A. business. The company has acquired strong credibility for the quality of its products, the innovation of its industrial processes and for the modern approach to market expansion.